Good Morning everyone!

Watching the daily social distancing show. Really Good!

I am really liking the new IPadOS update. I might even put my Linux dev box aside for a while and give this a try.

Sight. I hope I’m tagging these right

This just looked so cool last night.


Hello World. I’m still here and enjoying the view.

First Post of 2020. I’m starting my year off right and looking forward to all kinds of new stuff.

Holy Cow …. Look at these pies.

I am so looking forward to reading and using this book.

I’ve figured out github pages for what I need so far. This is probably going to work really well for what I need a site to handle for me.

I love getting new raspberry pi computers to setup for experiments.

Well I’m trying to figure out how to use my github hosted domain name this morning. Any tips would be appreciated. What I want to do is just write article out there every once in a while is all.

Trying again

Is this working?

I shot this one at the Meyer Hotel.

A day out in the country.

Morning sunrise yoga. Downward cow pose.

Hello and good morning from KC

good morning

Hey there everyone and good morning.…

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I love visiting Canada. The people and family here are awesome…

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So I’m trying a new domain name experiment. Say hello to…

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Clinton Country Club

One of the great things about having a wife that also golfs is that we can do it together. We had the opportunity to play the golf course in Clinton, MO. While there were not any real fairways the greens were beautiful post stamps. I would definitely play this course again when I get the chance …. with my wife of course.…

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I am one of those weird people that likes Monday.…

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Back to normal

Back at the homestead…yeah.…

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