Every time I go to use the bathroom at this conference I’m reminded of the Dilbert wearable cubicle concept.

Anybody in Long Beach for CVPR this week?

Things you're probably not using in Python 3 - but should - Data, what now? turns

Many people started switching to Python 3, unfrotunetly most people still write their code like it is Python 2. Below are useful Python 3 features. — Read on datawhatnow.com/things-you-are-probably-not-using-in-python-3-but-should/…

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You just gotta love CA prices. At this rate water is waaaayyyy more expensive than a gallon of gas.

Does anyone have a suggestion for an RSS reader that supports MB? I’m using Newsify now and I haven’t figured out how to log into my MB account properly…yet

Datatable python package

link.medium.com/2oKubvcnkX I want to try this when I get time - it looks cool oh and fast.…

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Rain rain go away I want to play golf today.

I am so looking forward to this feature as well www.theverge.com/2019/6/6/…

Apple knows that iPad mouse support has broad appeal

Hitting the road with my daughter on the way to her summer internship.

Great List of Golf Apps


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I’ve been wondering. Are there any micronauts in the Kansas City area? I’d like to connect and maybe we could do a meetup someday if that is still a cool thing to do.

I love micro.blog because of the international flare. I love to travel and when I can’t this is so wonderful to experience and see.

Unboxing of Jetson Nano & Quick Start-Up of Two Vision Demos - Hackster.io

Jetson Nano is a star product now. Here is an unboxing article of details of the product, the process to start-up, and two visual demos…. Find this and other hardware projects on Hackster.io. — Read on www.hackster.io/SeeedStudio/unboxing-of-jetson-nano-quick-start-up-of-two-vision-demos-200d93…

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Caffe in Jetson Nano - Hackster.io

Caffe is a commonly used deep learning framework, we can install it to Jetson Nano. Find this and other hardware projects on Hackster.io. — Read on www.hackster.io/SeeedStudio/caffe-in-jetson-nano-9f4335…

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Upgrade your first gen Apple Pencil with this grip from Kaweco – The Gadgeteer

Upgrade your first gen Apple Pencil with this grip from Kaweco – The Gadgeteer — Read on the-gadgeteer.com/2019/04/29/upgrade-your-first-gen-apple-pencil-with-this-grip-from-kaweco/…

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10 Reasons To Consider a Search Engine Alternative to Google

10 Reasons To Consider a Search Engine Alternative to Google — Read on hackernoon.com/10-reasons-to-consider-a-search-engine-alternative-to-google-a4d46f791545 …

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The Best Patios in Kansas City | Kansas City Restaurant News | feastmagazine.com

Warmer weather is here (at last!) and in our minds, that means one very important thing – patio season has arrived. Whether you’re unwinding at a happy hour after a — Read on www.feastmagazine.com/content/tncms/live/…

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Light Phone 2: A 'dumb phone' for curing app addiction - Business Insider

The Light Phone 2 can make calls, send texts, handle basic directions, and call you a taxi — but it still doesn’t have any apps. — Read on www.businessinsider.com/light-phone-2-cure-for-app-addiction-2018-2…

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The best golf workouts to get your gut and game in shape

Joey Diovisalvi, author of ‘Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing,’ shares his go-to moves that amateurs can try at home to up their golf game by increasing shoulder and torso mobility. — Read on nypost.com/2019/04/08/the-best-golf-workouts-to-get-your-gut-and-game-in-shape/…

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Leveraging Computer Vision for Asset Tracking Solutions | IoT For All

Computer vision offers high accuracy and reliability for asset tracking. It has advantages over Bluetooth and WiFI, but it requires lots of bandwidth. — Read on www.iotforall.com/computer-vision-asset-tracking/amp/…

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Bluetooth IoT Gateway - Hackster.io

Discover and report the presence of Bluetooth devices with Raspberry Pi and WolkAbout IoT Platform!. Find this and other hardware projects on Hackster.io. — Read on www.hackster.io/wolkabout-writer/bluetooth-iot-gateway-b61a1d Something I want to try.…

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Why I will never get my wife to join a golf club

During the cold winter months I like to think about the past season of golf and travel. My steady playing partner for golf is my wife and I really enjoy playing with her. She is really good - my steady Eddie I call her off the tee box. We discovered a couples league last year and boy was that a lot of fun. We met some really nice people, and we are looking forward to doing it again this year.…

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Where is all began

I have been wanting to write a series that covered what I play on my iPhone during workouts. So here it begins. This song was is the first one that I recall adding to my iPod for my workouts during my fitness renaissance. I have long been a fan of music for working out and the benefits it brings to helping to push you. While each person if different in what motivates them I’m just going to share what I like and why.…

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The Factory Method Pattern and Its Implementation in Python – Real Python

In this Python tutorial, you’ll learn about the Factory Method design pattern and its implementation. You’ll understand the components of Factory Method, when to use it, and how to modify existing code to leverage it. You’ll also see a general purpose implementation of Factory Method in Python. — Read on realpython.com/factory-method-python/…

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Supercharge Your Classes With Python super() – Real Python

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to leverage single and multiple inheritance in your object-oriented application to supercharge your classes with Python super(). — Read on realpython.com/python-super/…

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